How to Get Started

Don't Throw Anything Away!

Make us your first call. Before you sort and begin throwing or giving away items in the home, allow us to provide you a FREE CONSULTATION visit. Call Southern Charm at 678-571-3563. We can provide you with professional advice on the value of items in your home. Our calendar is typically booked weeks in advance, so please call us even if you are only "thinking" about hosting an Estate Sale.

Identify Personal and Keepsake items

We will work with you to help identify personal items and keepsakes that will not be included in the Estate Sale.

Step 3

Discuss Dates and Terms of the Estate Sale

Once the scope of the Estate Sale is understood, we will discuss the dates and terms of the actual sale. We have a standard contract that we will modify to suit your situation.

Step 4

Stage Your Home and Price

At this step, we will work in your home to stage items per our Display Standard. We distinguish our services from other estate companies with our professional displays. This is your home and we want to make it a showcase. We carefully research the value of items and price them to bring you the most value.

Step 5


We handle all advertising for your Estate Sale. Our Estate Sales typically attract 400 - 600 shoppers. On sale days we will post neighborhood signage directing shoppers to your home. For safety purposes we will also post "No Parking" signs to avoid people parking on both sides of the street .

Step 6

Estate Sale Day

Our estate sales typically start on Friday and run through Sunday. During those days we will provide full service support. Our staff will support shoppers and continually re-stage items in your home to ensure your home remains a showcase. We collect and remit all applicable sales tax.

Finalize the Estate Sale

At the conclusion of the Estate Sale we will provide you a financial settlement based on the terms of your contract. We will remove all our display materials and, if the Clean Out option is included in your contract, ensure all items are removed from the home. In the end you will have an empty home and a check in your hand.

Call Us: 678-571-3563

We Provide Free Consultation to Help You Get Started