The "Charm" in Southern Charm

Pricing for Value

With more than 15 years of experience, we are experts in pricing your estate items to sell at the best possible price. We understand the “market value” of estate sales items. To achieve the maximum financial benefit to our customers, we do extensive research to provide  “favorable” prices to buyers and financially rewarding returns for customers. We price all items so buyers will not hesitate a purchasing decision questioning, “How much is this?”

Unmatched Displays

The compliment we hear most frequently at our estates sales is the attractiveness of our displays. We clean your home to make it shine as a “showcase.” We focus on arranging items thematically (e.g., housewares, sporting goods, etc.) so buyers can make quick informed purchasing decisions. During your estate sale, we continually re-stage the arrangements providing maximum exposure to your estate sales items.

On Site Management of Sale

During your estate sale, our team is on site. Our checkout process is optimized allowing more buyers to complete their transactions with minimal delay. We accept cash and credit cards, provide packing materials, and assistance in moving larger items such as furniture. We take care of all the details regarding the collection and payment of appropriate sales taxes.  

Full House Clean Out

We provide an optional service to remove all items from your home that did not sell at the estate sale. This service is especially valuable for homes that are going to be placed on the market. With this service, when the estate sale ends, your home is “move in ready” for a new buyer.